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Episode 9: The Hierophant — The Work of Work, Teachers & Teachings, Accessing Your Purpose, & Becoming the Medium

Episode Summary

In this episode, Amanda and Sarah discuss Key 5: The Hierophant. The Hierophant, also known as “The Pope” or "The High Priest", corresponds to teachers, edicts, learning, the work of the soul, and working within (and/or without) institutions. We talk about why people don't always love this card, and different ways to think about working with this card so that you may step into its potency.

Episode Notes

Strange Magic is created by art witches Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Amanda Yates Garcia (with the help of producer extraordinaire Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs), in this episode we discuss Major Arcana IV: The Hierophant.

This key is very important, it marks a turning point in the major arcana. It is the first tarot card where traditionally, we see more than one person. This is the first card where we see a kind of hiearchy represented. There is an exchange. Exchanges of exchanges, between the High priest and their God/Goddess/Goddexx, and between the High Priest and those assembled to listening.

Find out our interpretations, and some magical and practical ways to work with this powerful archetype.


Some Hierophant Archetypes we discuss:

Gurus Getting Me Too'ed
Wild Wild Country: A documentary about Osho
Arundhati Roy
Representative and Civil Rights leader John Lewis on the podcast On Being.

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