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Episode 5: The High Priestess — Let Your Intuition Guide You

Episode Summary

The High Priestess is a guide who often appears to us when we feel lost or abandoned. She teaches us how to utilize our intuition to navigate our way out of the underworld. As the witchiest card in a tarot deck, the High Priestess is magic itself, she can help us heal, and transform our world in the spirit of service. Tune in if you're ready to meet your deepest witch self.

Episode Notes

Strange Magic is created by art witches Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Amanda Yates Garcia (with the help of producer extraordinaire Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs), in this episode we discuss Major Arcana II: The High Priestess.

The High Priestess teaches us how to utilize our intuition. Tune in to this episode to learn about the symbolism of this card; what the High Priestess teaches us about trauma, healing and being of service; and how she is inviting you to amplify your own witchy nature.



Major Arcana - The 22 archetypal cards (numbers 0 through XXI) that make a tarot deck a tarot deck rather than just a deck of playing cards.

Magic - changing material reality or consciousness according to one's will; often combines symbols, emotional charge and action to initiate transformation .

Suits: - The four sections of a tarot deck that correspond to the suits in a regular deck of playing cards. In the case of the tarot it's cups (hearts), pentacles (spades), diamonds (swords), wands (clubs).

Shaman - Shamans are leaders of their communities who used altered states of consciousness to enter extraordinary realms of being and bring back knowledge to help heal their communities. A controversial term, the word shaman was originally coined by Western anthropologists working with the indigineous people of Siberia meaning "someone who works in a trance state." However the term has expanded to include anyone who uses trance-based healing techniques, but most often refers to indigineous practitioners.

Heroine's Journey: The common trope of "the Hero's journey" tells the story of a wiley figure who chooses to go on an adventure, has a crisis, wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed bringing a gift to his people. In the heroine's journey, by contrast, the heroine under patriarchy is often abducted to the underworld against her will and has to navigate her way out again, finding her own power in the process, then helping others to do the same.

Archetypes - an overarching pattern of behavior or a “way things happen”, specifically refers to religion, mythology, symbols, literature and art. See also Carl Jung.

Keys - the keys of the tarot are the tarot cards themselves but most often refer to the Major Arcana. They’re called keys because they open up portholes to new ways of thinking.

Correspondences - within the occult, objects, symbols, astrological signs, elements, metals, crystals and many other objects and signs relate to each other through a system known as correspondences. For instance, Major Arcana 3, the Empress, corresponds to the planet Venus.


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