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Episode 22: Justice - How to Bring it All Into Balance

Episode Summary

Justice, the archetype that rules truth, decision-making, and karma. Ready to feel called in (or out, depending on your recent behavior)? Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

In this episode Sarah and Amanda talk about Major Arcana XI, the Justice card. If you're having legal issues, have fallen out with a friend or loved one, or keeping running in to the same old drama, this is the episode for you.

We talk about goddesses of wisdom and their bloodthirsty, devouring shadows. We talk about squaring up with your values (remember those?). We talk numbers (if you ever wanted to know what 11-11 means now's your chance). We talk swords and blindfolds -- bet you didn't know Justice could be so hot!

In our magical tips section we get real on how to cut cords and get yourself out of broken cosmic contracts. We all need more justice in our lives! Tune in!

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