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Episode 19 : Wheel of Fortune - Learning To Trust Your Fate

Episode Summary

In this episode we discuss Major Arcana X, the Wheel of Fortune. Is there such a thing as fate or destiny? And if so, can you trust it? Tune in to find out.

Episode Notes

In this episode we discuss the weird and wonderful world of the Wheel of Fortune, including as many wheel puns as possible -- wheely, wheely good ones!

But seriously folks, this card is special. Full of arcane symbols, great wisdom about luck, acceptance, surrender, fate, destiny, and recognizing that to everything there is a season.

Respect that the universe works according to its own laws of time and space. Show up in truth, authenticity and humility and you are golden.


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Let it be known that it was Emily Dickinson (and not the disgusting abuser Woody Allen) that first said, "The heart wants what it wants," in a letter Mary Bowles (to whom she frequently wrote intense and passionate missives).
The song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" was originally written by Pete Seeger, but our favorite version is the one we used in the show by the [inimitable Nina Simone. ](

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