Strange Magic Podcast

Episode 14 : Strength — The Lady of the Beasts

Episode Summary

The Strength card is all about connecting with your muse, finding power you didn't know you had, and learning how to place yourself in the right environment to thrive. Tune in!

Episode Notes

The wild witches of the west are back with Season 2 of Strange Magic!

In this episode we discuss Major Arcana 8, the Strength card. Also known as The Lady of the Beasts, and sometimes simply, Lust, this card helps us find and celebrate our inner wild thing.

If you're:

... then this is the episode for you! The Strength card has brings magic to all these areas and so much more.

--- Notes from the episode ---

In the episode we talk about The Elemental Tarot Deck, by Caroline Smith and John Astrop.

We also discuss Victoria Nelson's brilliant book "On Writer's Block" for any and all creatives.


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